Monday, 12 March 2012

Unclogging The Toilet Without A Plunger :)

Unclogging The Toilet Without A Plunger

After living with someone for years and now living alone, I’ve finally realized a few things: The garbage doesn’t take itself out, the lawn won’t mow itself, and the toilet surely won’t unclog itself after I dump a weeks worth of leftovers down it. I thought they’d just disappear with the whirl of water like when I normally flush. Not the case.

One might ask why would someone dump a can of whole jalapenos down the drain? It saves me putting them in the trash, which could potentially stink. I don’t want my kitchen to stink!

Although I don’t do my hair in curls, wear makeup or polish what little finger nails I have, I do wear a bra and a lacy thong so I still qualify as a girl. This girl never learned how to plunge a toilet!

This is where WikiHow comes in. Thanks to the women of 1976, I found an instructional video on how to fix my little issue. Here’s what I learned from the video:
A. Wear a head wrap or bandanna
B. Nod your head a lot
C. It could get messy

So here is the easiest way to unclog your toilet. This is the Hot Water and Soap Method.
Im gonna make this real simple...

1. Get a big pot of water, heat it up.  You dont need to boil it but get it piping hot at least.
2. Get some dish soap, sqeeze a few drops of dish soap into the bowl of the toilet thats backed up... and my few drops I squirted out about a quarter cup.
3. Bring the hot pot of water to the toilet, lift the seat and dump all the water down without hesitation.

This should send all the junk swiming down the the drain and you'll be able to flush another weeks worth of left overs and repeat this step to bring your potty back to normal.

So I did this and it worked well.  A week later after an open house I had I realized another toilet (that I never use) was plugged up. Someone had flushed something they shouldn't have?  Now being a master at this I knew exactly what I needed to do and it worked just as well as the first time :)

One less thing to worry about :)


  1. That's good, Summer! I guess you never cleaned toilets when you lived at home!

  2. yay summer... ive had to plunge and it sucks... ima try this next time :)

  3. talk about a smart fix but I have a feeling you should really get a plunger ;)

  4. I shouldn't laugh,but this is funny and cute :)
    You should look up using baking soda and vinegar to unplug a sink drain - that one's way more fun!

  5. This was a great discovery and learning for you! I think that's the advantage of living by ourselves, we we're able to experience different problem and do a little experiment to solve all of it. It's overwhelming sometimes but once we resolve it, it felt so rewarding.

    --->Levi Eslinger

  6. This is one of the most convenient ways to unclog a toilet I know. Although this is effective and easy, it shouldn't be an excuse to keep the habit of flushing leftovers into the drain. I'm just concerned because, eventually, you might be faced with a full septic tank. It would cost you more to have all the wastes sipped than to take out the trash. :)

  7. How does this work if the toilet bowl is already full of water--and dumping more water will only make it overflow?

    1. I'm not a physicist (or a plumber, for that matter) but my guess is that the dish soap lubricates the clog, the heat of the water amplifies that effect and also helps soften the clog, making it more malleable, and finally, the weight of the water pushes the clog through the pipes.

  8. Summer, Thank you for sharing this!!! I'm a guy and I hate clogged toilets ( who doesn't?! ); Plus, plunging clogged toilet bowl really isn't my forte :( So, next time I have the trouble, I will definitely give this a try! :) By the way, does this method work for clogged kitchen sink?

  9. check this:

  10. Be careful about pouring boiling water into a toilet, though--you can crack the porcelain this way.

  11. Okay, I was like great idea, I shall try. And yes, look out for the porcelain, very true.. But why don't you just take out all your leftovers to a dumpster or large trash can in your yard? Dumping food down the toilet is not smart, I mean if it's accidental, whatever, but purposely throwing pounds of food down the drain just so you're kitchen won't stink?.. That's what dumpsters and outside trash cans are for..
    Just throw all your unwanted/ gone sour food in a used bag, spray inside the bag a little bit of febreze or floor cleaner with scent, tie it up well and put it out in the trash.. the waste management of your city will take care of it or maybe there's a dumpster outside.
    Food down the drain adds stuff that does not help to what the water department is working on to keep water safe.
    Just one by one, if people stop throwing food, chemicals, and oil down their drains, or bury vegetable/fruit discards into their dirt, then ta-da cleaner water. :)
    Thanks for the great idea, though, I will definitely try nice warm water with strong dish soap next time. So simple, yet didn't think to try!

  12. Wow! That is incredible! Amazing work that you have done there. People should keep tabs on those kinds of tips because those throwaway ones can save them a world of stress, though so can a smart plumbing service. Thanks for sharing!

    Frederic Philhower @ Pure Plumbing Service

  13. Wow! Who knew. But what I am going to do with my Haz Mat suit?

  14. Only 3 members in my household.....myself and 2 cats. I don't like food in the trash can in the kitchen especially in the summer. Same goes for outdoor garbage can. I designate a small area in my freezer for those empty, but smelly, cat food cans. And I use a large gallon freezer bag (with the zipper) to keep discarded food on the same shelf until garbage day. Works beautifully. No unpleasant odors....ever.

  15. This is the best DIY method I found on internet. I always use to buy toilet plungers to clear my toilet. This information is purely priceless :)

  16. This method is crap , pardon the pun. You will quite likely crack or break the bowl using HOT water, but then it will be on the floor instead of blocking the drain. HAPPY CLEANING.

  17. What food would you usually flush?

  18. This DIY won't last longer getting a professional plumber will benefit you not just unclogging your toilet but also to other related problems.

    - Jason Smith

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