Monday, 23 January 2012

Being Backed Up

Being Backed Up

Alright. After my computer was unplugged and then straight up jacked from me I haven't posted since August. I am ashamed and incomplete. Enough of feeling the winter blues and enough with the self pity I'm back and I'm here to talk to you about every ones favourite topic this time of year.

Getting back in shape.  Right?  Well since every ones talking about that I'm gonna talk about another issue. Let me introduce to you 'being backed up'... You know, when you haven't gone to the washroom in a few days and the scale totally proves that you need to go #2?  I know after a good holiday binge I'm not the only one noticing this so here we have some natural ways to help push the crap outta your body...litteraly.  This, along with healthy eating and some exercise will be sure to assist in you reaching your goals this year.

1. Vitamin C.
One of the best detoxing vitamins there is.  Citrus fruit can help kick your digestive track in the butt.  Slice up a lemon and throw it in a glass of water, eat an orange on the way to work, whatever it is, just do it and let the detoxifying agents do their thing.

2. Raw virgin coconut oil.
Improving bowel functions and digestion, coconut oil can be used to saute veggies for a light stir fry or even used instead of regular oil to pop popcorn as a low cal snack.

3. Avocado.
Slice up this cancer fighting treat over a fresh green salad and receive 30% of your daily fibre needs.  Not only is this a delicious way of adding substance to an otherwise known as 'boring' salad and also will aid in improving skin tone.

4. Cabbage.
Cabbage binds waste in the colon making it easier to pass.  If you normally have issues with this adding cabbage to a meal 2-3 times a week can change this.  Throw a handful of chopped cabbage in a soup, stew, casserole, or make a side of coleslaw.  This veggie is hardly noticed when cooked into another dish.

5. Pears and Guava 
Though I have not tried this one myself I have read several times that shortly after eating one of these fruits you'll have a bowel movement.

Well it's lunch time so I'm going to indulge in a juicy pear followed by coleslaw topped with a semi firm avocado.

Bye bye for now ;)