Thursday, 21 February 2013

Booty Lift Work Out.

Women always want to lose weight but never want smaller breasts or a smaller bum.
News flash ladies... with lower body fat all around the fatty tissues on your bum and breasts are going to go bye-bye unless your genes are really really good and in that case Im just jealous!
Two things I would encourage you to do in this situation is first of all know that a lot of the time when your breasts go down in size it makes you look smaller all around.  A woman with giant breasts and a small waist generally isn't noticed for her waist... people only see one thing.  The other thing is if your feeling like your butt needs a little extra work then do work... Here are a few exercises I have been doing to get my booty back ;)

Booty Lift Work Out:
Hip-lifts 12 x 3
Deadlifts 30/40 lbs 12 x 3
25 jumping squats x 3
Sumo squats 25lbs x 3
Step-ups 30lbs 12 per leg x 3
Squats 30lbs x 3

My weight on various exercises changes more or less every few weeks.  This is part of a routine I have been doing for a few weeks and can already see a difference.  It will change again in a few weeks :)

I made a play list to give me the pump to drop my squat a little lower.

"Gym Booty" Playlist:
1. Night of your life - David Guetta ft. Jennifer Hudson
2. Anything could happen (Blood Diamonds remix) - Ellie Goulding
3. Wait - Adventure Club
4. What about us - The Saturdays
5. I dont like you - Eva Simmons
6. You're gonna love again - Avicii & Nervo
7. You make me float (Dinka remix) - Nora En Pure
8. Repeat - David Guetta ft Jessie J
9. Dont hold your breathe - Nicole Scherzinger
10. The night out - Martin Solveig
11. Still my baby - Wolfgang Gartner ft. Omarion
12. Take over control - Afrojack ft Eva Simmons.

Thank you for reading :)
I love comments and/or questions feel free to ask me anything, If I know the answer I would be more then happy to help.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Spinach, Salsa, Scrambled Eggs

Here's a perfect post work out meal, packed with protein and absolutely delicious!

Spinach, Salsa, Scrambled Eggs.
1 tbsp light olive oil
2 minced garlic cloves
2 eggs
2 handfulls spinach
2 tbsp salsa
1 tbsp light feta

1. Saute olive oil and garlic over med heat, about 5 mins.
2.  Add eggs and spinach, break the yolks and scramble the spinach into the eggs.
3. Add the salsa mixing well with the rest of the dish.
4. Once cooked plate the eggs and sprinkle with feta... now enjoy :) 

This recipe makes 1 serving and has 380 calories per serving.  To cut calories make this dish with egg whites and skip on the feta.  Its still yummy :)