Friday, 25 May 2012

FITLIPS Passion Fruit review

Passion Fruit FITLIPS Review

I tried FITLIPS last year for the first time and loved the product.  
I always carry lip balm around with me because I always need it.  I got to recently try the Passion Fruit scent which is naturally scented with passion fruit oil.  It smells wonderful.  It feels wonderful too.  You're mouth will feel and smell like its on its own tropical vacation while you wear this and while its relaxing the balm will actually heal your lips.

The balm is made of hemp oil, mango butter. beeswax and Cupuacu butter.  They are made right here in Canada and they are 100% natural.  A lot of lip care products will put chemicals in the balms, or gloss so that they will dry out your mouth and you'll become reliant on it so you'll have to use it more.  FITLIPS is really everything a girl could want out of a lip balm.  Smell, texture, and smoothing your pout so its much more smoochable!  Your man won't complain either.  

The container is small and now has a screw on lid which is great for keeping stuff in after :) 

I use FITLIPS before bed so it can do its magic while you get some beauty rest, then carry a second on in your purse to re-apply through out the day.

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