Monday, 13 February 2012

Pasta Of Lies

Picky eaters can be any age, race, sex... They can be picky for lack of adventure, because they truely dont enjoy tastes of certian foods or possibly because the effects after eating it on a persons body just cant be tolerated.  I was asked about a month ago how to add more veggies into a diet.
I came up with a few ideas.

Im a vegetarian and I love veggies.  I cook, breath, eat, sleep veggies.  So when people say they dont like veggies I instantly think "Oh Please"

Recently I made dinner for someone who "didnt like veggies"  This is what I made:

Simply Lies Pasta Bake
Pasta of choice (I used tri color because it blends with veggies well almost hiding them)
1 jar pasta sauce
1 cup shredded cheese
olive oil
spices to taste

Now this is where you pick your potion.
I chose everything in the fridge. Onion, broccoli, carrot, spinach, cabbage etc.

Make pasta according to package.

Mince veggies.  Make these little treats as small as possible!

Heat oil in frying pan and fry these guys up, depending on what veggies you use will depend on how long.

Dont cook all the way make sure theres still a bit of crunch....(5min-ish) it still needs to be baked.

Add pasta sauce and some water to the frying pan, bring to a boil and simmer until thickened again.

Poor cooked pasta in a casserole dish and mix in 1/2 the sauce and then poor the rest over the top.

Sprinkle cheese over top.
Heat oven to 350, place the lie on the center rack and bake til bubbly...

25 or so mins.  Pull out of oven and let cook for 5 mins before scooping it out onto plates.
This is the final turn out. 

He ate it, and although Im sure he knew I was full of it he asked for more later on that evening. 



  1. I AM A picky eater! I am not a fan of most veggies, i have to say if i don't see, taste or feel a weird texture I think this could be fine lol. New follower from the hop, hope you come by and follow!~

  2. I have a thing about textures... though I like the flavoring and smell of onions, I can't bite into them so my mom used to shred onions... but you can shred pretty much anything so I always shred stuff into pasta sauce or chili, like carrots.. also, awesome title!

  3. I made my own version of this for lunches tomorrow. I am getting a new delivery of veggies tomorrow afternoon and had a lot of random stuff to use up. :)

  4. You're a genius... looks soo tasty... I love veggies