Thursday, 21 February 2013

Booty Lift Work Out.

Women always want to lose weight but never want smaller breasts or a smaller bum.
News flash ladies... with lower body fat all around the fatty tissues on your bum and breasts are going to go bye-bye unless your genes are really really good and in that case Im just jealous!
Two things I would encourage you to do in this situation is first of all know that a lot of the time when your breasts go down in size it makes you look smaller all around.  A woman with giant breasts and a small waist generally isn't noticed for her waist... people only see one thing.  The other thing is if your feeling like your butt needs a little extra work then do work... Here are a few exercises I have been doing to get my booty back ;)

Booty Lift Work Out:
Hip-lifts 12 x 3
Deadlifts 30/40 lbs 12 x 3
25 jumping squats x 3
Sumo squats 25lbs x 3
Step-ups 30lbs 12 per leg x 3
Squats 30lbs x 3

My weight on various exercises changes more or less every few weeks.  This is part of a routine I have been doing for a few weeks and can already see a difference.  It will change again in a few weeks :)

I made a play list to give me the pump to drop my squat a little lower.

"Gym Booty" Playlist:
1. Night of your life - David Guetta ft. Jennifer Hudson
2. Anything could happen (Blood Diamonds remix) - Ellie Goulding
3. Wait - Adventure Club
4. What about us - The Saturdays
5. I dont like you - Eva Simmons
6. You're gonna love again - Avicii & Nervo
7. You make me float (Dinka remix) - Nora En Pure
8. Repeat - David Guetta ft Jessie J
9. Dont hold your breathe - Nicole Scherzinger
10. The night out - Martin Solveig
11. Still my baby - Wolfgang Gartner ft. Omarion
12. Take over control - Afrojack ft Eva Simmons.

Thank you for reading :)
I love comments and/or questions feel free to ask me anything, If I know the answer I would be more then happy to help.

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