Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Why Yin Yoga?

I recently met Lily who is a new yoga instructor just a few blocks from my house.  She agreed to guest post on my blog.  Its been awhile since I last did yoga but now I think I'll have to go back soon :)
Thank you Lily!

Yin Yoga

Have you ever considered starting yoga, but changed your mind when you saw crazy inversions and twisting poses? Not all styles of Yoga have to be extremely physical. If you are looking for a practice that will allow you to relax and receive physical benefits at the same time, Yin might be for you.

Yin Yoga is known as the “quiet practice” and targets much more than the muscles of the body. Traditional Yin postures are held anywhere from 2-20 minutes and target our connective tissues. A fast paced Yoga class involves active muscles and strong holds. Yin however, is a slow and relaxed class in which you are allowed and encouraged to relax the entire body while in the posture. Studies have shown that when the postures are held for more than 2 minutes and less than 20 the joints, fascia, and bones will be the main focus of the posture. This doesn't mean that any yoga pose can be safely held for such long periods of time. There are only a handful of poses that are safe, the majority of them being seated, and new Yogi's should try a guided Yin class at a studio or gym.

Summer is a great time to start doing yoga. As we try to get outside and enjoy the season, we often engage in activities that help to strengthen our muscles. Gardening, swimming, and jogging, are all examples of great exercises that we can compliment by practicing Yin. The lengthening and elongating of the tissues helps create the balance between muscular strength and flexibility that our bodies need.

Yin has opened the door for me to experience an amazing stretch for my body while quieting the busy and heavy thoughts of my mind. You will fall in love with this practice.

Lily Kiewitz
RYT 200
Epic Yoga and Fitness (Maple Ridge, B.C.)


  1. i've always enjoyed doing yoga! Summer we have had great times when we have done the classes we have. I find trying different more difficult poses challenging and am always up for the challenge!! cant wait to do some more and make it a more regular part of my life!

  2. i used to do yoga at school, it helped calm my nerves alot... I've been wanting to start yoga again just I can't remember the moves :P ... awesome post. I should do yoga cause i have bad circulation and my nerves are bad... :)

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  4. Before I had my coffee, before I planned my day, before I was actually even really awake I pulled myself together and went to yoga for the first time in a long time this morning. Yay me! hehe