Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Truly Organic Foods Review

Being a vegetarian a lot of the foods I eat on a daily basis are the same.  A lot of the companies that provide organic, gluten free or vegan foods also pump out the same products as each other and rarely come out with anything mind blowing.  I received a package from Truly Organic Foods a few months back.  I was expecting a small package but they went all out and spoiled me with a variety of wonderful foods.  I was going to write out everything individually but since everything was amazing I started to sound repetitive.  Almost everything is gluten free, vegan, raw and organic which for me means love at first sight (or taste for that matter).

I'll start that I received this package right before heading to work so I brought it with me.  My co-workers all wanted to dig in when I opened the box.  We all share food at work so it wasn't right for me to say no.  We all sat there and snacked on stuff and then said our opinions on it.  Im sorry if anyone from my work reads this but the Raw Almonds, and the Giddy Yoyo organic vegan chocolate bar I received found a hiding place in my purse because they were SOOOOO good I didn't want to share.  The chocolate tasted so pure and the texture of the almonds was almost meaty.  Such a difference then the bulk ones I usually buy at the store.  With all the products I recieved I, and everyone else I let share, could tell that there was no added stuff, it was all real food and everything tasted wonderful.  The nuts, the salad booster, the rawtella (like nutella but 5000x better) ... everything tasted incredible!

Ive had the same protein for years and I was getting sick after I would have my shake so I also got a taste of the Sunwarrior chocolate vegan powder which was hands down the best shake Ive had in my life.  It has a earthy and nutty taste, and with the chocolate it blends so well I drank it so slow so the taste would last.  I also tried the hemp vegan protein and it is delicious.  Theres no artificial flavours, its very earthy and mixes well with yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit and almond milk for a great breakfast shake.  No bloating after like other shakes I've had.

Chia seeds.  Something I had heard about but never tried.  Now I have them in my cereal, in my shakes, salads, soups etc.  They are amazing little seeds.  Not much of a taste but these little guys keep you full for longer as well as balance your blood sugar, give you energy along with many more health benefits.

This was the hardest review Ive done because there was so much goodness in the package I received that day.  There wasn't anything that I didn't want more of.  To check out these products and way more click the link below:


  1. This review had me drooling... I definitely, wouldn't mind trying some of these products out. I get tired of eating nuts that feel/ taste oily. Awesome review Summer. You now have made me hungry lol.

  2. Your descriptions of everything are perfect, I'm new at trying to be more healthy in life with being more active and of course eating well. Your updates on your blog help me with my learning and growing to be a healthier better ME =) Please continue!!!!

  3. I may have to check out chia seeds now