Friday, 25 March 2011

Today is Friday!

   Friday for me normally means the start of a 3 day weekend.  Friday also means lunch with my dad, brother, sister and her 2 youngest kids. It means Jade will have the shrimp diane, my dad and I will both have the roasted mushroom soup, the kids will split chicken strips and fries with "NO KETCHUP" just watercress dip, and Warren will have whatever he feels like having that day.
However, I don't get a weekend this "weekend" as I'm working through til next Friday, and Jades busy having a princess tea party today.  I'm still going out for lunch but the soup will be enjoyed in a smaller, not so cute group. 

Once a week I choose a dinner that I don't eat like a rabbit and I eat like a normal person.  That will probably be tonight and I'm trying to decide what to indulge in.   Today is day 18 or 19 in a 30 day cleanse I'm doing with 2 of my girlfriends.  I sorta have to be careful what I eat or it may not be worth it the next day.  If you know what I mean.

Anyway,  Ill post on my daily intake later when I decide what dinner will be.

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