Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Damn you Canadian inventions

Damn you 1910 for bringing us the chocolate bar. Every woman needs your support through pms, break ups and bad days...even worse for me, the nanimo bar. Mabel Jenkins you are brilliant and ever since I was a young pup I have internally thanked you for creating such a lush treat. But damn this simple housewife from Ladysmith, BC. This creation is one I cannot resist. Another one that screams my name every time I walk by a food court is 1957's poutine. Created in Quebec. How Americans haven't jumped all over this is a mystery to me and always will be. Next up is 1962, drum roll...instant mashed potatoes. Why? Why would this be a choice over real mashed potatoes? I can't grasp this one.
Now comes a hotel in Calgary in 1969 and a man named Walter. The Caesar or bloody Caesar as some may call it. Oh how you've influenced me to make some silly decisions, and yet I still come running back.
There are several very useful and exciting Canadian inventions. Let's take a trip back to 1950ish and thank Harry Wasylyk. You have made the lives of men and women around this globe so much easier and cleaner. The garbage bag. I use you daily. I cherish your ever so flexible movements. If I had instant mashed taters in my panty I would lovingly use you to dispose of them :)


  1. you're making me hungry! NANAIMO BARS! I used to eat those alot when I stayed with my grandparents in the okanagan... Poutine! mmm Poutine... how I wish I could have some right now!!! Chocolate, hehehe I have a stash :D but which girl doesn't? :P I don't mind instant mashed potatoes in a hurry ( to me they taste better the next day ) nothing beats the real thing though, smothered in gravy *drools*

  2. Ceasars are fantastic! How I luv them so... and chocolate and many other fabulous foods :)
    and I luv that you have mashed taters in your panty :P

  3. By panty I swear I ment pantry!!! I DO NOT have taters in my panties!

  4. chocolate bar - never knew it was invented in Canada! I do love a good Caesar! : )

    Urban Girl @ Heartfelt