Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Baking Soda Uses For Beauty

We all  know baking soda is used to make the smell in the fridge go away or to throw into your cookie recipes but here are my top 5 favorite uses for Baking soda when it comes to your body.

1. Cleaning your hair!
If you use hair spray or any other product in your hair after time it can build up.  Taking your normal shampoo and mixing in some baking soda (by making a paste then using it normally) will clean your hair and get rid of all the extra junk.  When my hair was accidentally died black I did the same trick to lighten it up a bit.

2. Brushing your teeth!
As a kid we used to wet our tooth brush then dip it in the soda and brush.  This doesnt only clean your teeth but it whitens them too.  Its way cheaper then those white strips.

3. Facial!
For those with sensitive skin or just needing a good clean mix baking soda in with your face wash OR just pour some soda in your hand and add a little bit of water, mix with your finger to make a paste, rub it all over your face then rinse it off.  Your face will look and feel so much better!

4. Bath time!
For itchy bug bites or sunburns run a warm bath and add in baking soda, this will sooth your skin and also leaves you feeling sparkling clean.  Add in some Epsom salts and this is a natural detoxifying bath.

5. Rough skin!
Elbows, knees, wherever you feel your skin needs a little smoothing down make yourself the same paste that you would use to wash your face, but with out the face wash of course, and rub it into your bumpy spots while in the shower.  This should smooth away all the bumps! 


  1. Hi there! This is fantastic advice- my elbows are awful lately and I always have baking soda! I am your newest google friend connect follower! Nice to meet you!

  2. awesome post :) ... My Papa taught me how to clean my jewelry with Baking Soda, it works amazing and gets it all shiny :D ... Baking Soda can be used for so much but not many people realize it. I didn't know we could use it on rough skin!!! I wonder if we have any left :P

  3. I just love versatile household products like baking soda and vinegar! Great post, I've never tried baking soda on my rough spots, but I will now!

    New follower from the Thursday hop. Great post!!

  4. I am so glad that I found your blog...1st, I am going to use your baking soda idea for my mosquito bitten son tonight to soothe him in the bath. 2nd, we have a lot in common...I am a wanna be vegan who cant give up fish, greek yogurt and specialty cheeses so I am destined to be a pescitarian as well. I love your blog!
    I am glad I found you on bassgiraffe's hop.
    Now following you on GFC.
    Lets keep in touch!
    jenny at dapperhouse

  5. thanks for sharing this... i didnt know some of this!!!
    Just stopping by from the hop!
    Newest follwer!

  6. I just noticed that we have a few things in common. I am also a vegetarian (pescatarian if you want to get technical) and have been since 1997. I also enjoy working out! ;)

  7. Thanks for following me! I'm glad I found you because you have a great blog. This was seriously very helpful.