Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Home Remedies 4 Mosquito Bites

The sun took its sweet time coming out this year.  Its July and I'm finally able to wear the new shorts I bought 3 months ago.  I love the summer for many reasons; bbq's, longer days, going for walks to the gelato shop, hanging out with friends on the deck, you know... all the fun summer things.  Last weekend after spending a few hours outside at a bbq I woke up with mosquito bites all over my ankles and then the itching began...  Here are a few home remedies for those of you who feel like me.

Dab the bite!  With what you may ask... oh... there's many household items you can dab with:
Rubbing alcohol, nail polish, tooth paste, mouth wash, vinegar, deodorant,  honey, etc.

Tea?  Take a tea bag and make tea, this wont soothe the itch but using the tea bag as a hot compress over the bite will.

Make a Paste.
Salt & water.  Vinigar & water.  Baking soda & water. Mix together and rub over the bite.

Clean yourself.  
Have a hot bath with Epsom salts or baking soda.
Take a bar of dry soap and rub it over the bite.  Apparently this works wonders.  Just make sure its dry and your skin is dry.

Then there's the usual: 
Calamine lotion, tiger balm, gold bond cream, after bite, vicks vapo rub, orajel, etc.

Feeling fruity?
Rub lemon or lime juice into the bite.  Id imagine this would sting.  Or take a lemon or lime and cut it in half, use it to rub over the itchy bite.  This also works with the inside of a banana peel.


  1. I never heard that Orajel works! Makes sense though!
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  2. maybe oatmeal like chicken pox... :P

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  5. Thanks for the follow and entering in the giveaway!! I really hope some of these remedies work! I just came in from the garden and itch like crazy. I will be back to read more of your blog and look at more of your yummy recipes but for now I am off to find the Ora-gel. :-)