Friday, 15 July 2011

Why Stretch After A Work Out?

The first time I got asked to go to Yoga I said "No way I'm not flexible!" the lady who asked me laughed and said "neither am I that's why I go!!!"  The first few months of my weight loss journey I never stretched once.  Maybe if I was super sore Id throw my leg on the side of the bath tub and lean forward for 1.2 seconds and call it a night but other than that I just didn't know why I had to.   Now I stretch after every work out and through out the day.

Why Stretch?
Stretching prevents injury
Increases preformance
Increases or maintains flexibility
Offsets muscle soreness or stiffness after working out
Reduced muscle tension
Increased movements in your joints
Increased blood circulation

Basic stretching rules:
  • Stretch slowly and with control
  • No bouncing
  • No pain
  • Don't compare your flexibility with others
  • The key is to relax
  • Breathing should be slow, rhythmical. Don't hold breath.
  • Hold only stretch tensions that feel good  
So next time you do some physical activities take an extra 5-10 mins and do your muscles a favor and stretch them out! 

    Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]


    1. Hey there! I'm a new follower from Fitness Friday! I love this post- Stretching is often overlooked, but it's SO important!

      Have a great day!


    2. New follower from Fitness Friday here on the blog hop! I know I need to stretch more, great post on it thanks!

    3. i'm really bad about not stretching after, or before for that matter. i need to work on that! here from ff!

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    5. I was the same about Yoga..Now I love it and can actually reach my toes!!!! I love to stretch though, it just feels so darn good!!!

      Karma Kristin

    6. Super great tips, thanks for sharing! I always forget how important it is to stretch!

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    8. When I'm in a rush the stretching is always the first thing to be dropped. Actually, I've been a lot more consistent with stretching after workouts and runs. Great info!

      Thanks for linking up with FF!

    9. So much controversial info about stretching out there. I don't do static stretches at all. I practice Iyengar yoga, so the stretching is still not static. I do only 4 dynamic stretches before a run. Injury free after a year, so I will stick with it.
      (friday hopping)...

    10. I recently started to take a yoga class twice a week. It is great!! :)

    11. Those are great tips! Thank you for following Organic Planet

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    12. Stopping by to say hello. Thanks for the tips. I just started working out.

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    14. I just found your site through the blog hop and am so glad.

      This recipe and so many others you have look delicious. I am not vegetarian but do want to do more vegetarian meals, so will be checking out your blog thoroughly/

    15. (That comment was meant to be on the corn salad recipe, not sure what happened, but I love your exercise tips too!)